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 About the SLBA  
The Sri Lanka Bonsai Association (SLBA) was started in 1989 by a few Bonsai enthusiasts.  The Association was formed to promote the art of Bonsai as a hobby in Sri Lanka, which we trust will stimulate friendship and bring peace through the common bond of love of beauty.  Our membership is diverse ranging from housewives to horticulturists and professionals employed in various fields.  We have a wealth of knowledge within our membership, with some of our senior members being undoubtedly among the best in the country.  Over the years, the Association has been instrumental not only in improving the standard and quality of this art form, but also in promoting the art and introducing it to a wider sector of society.
The Sri Lanka Bonsai Association holds exhibitions, demonstrations and workshops every year. The association was also able to invite expert Mr. Peter Chan from the United Kingdom, a well known personality in bonsai circles worldwide to Sri Lanka in 1996. He held many workshops and several demonstrations which helped us to improve our knowledge of the art of bonsai.
In March 2011, a Bonsai Exhibition and workshop was organized by the Embassy of Japan together with the Sri Lanka Bonsai Association, Bonsai Club of Sri Lanka and BMICH.  We took a leading role in organizing this event. The Embassy of Japan brought down  Mr. Yasuhisa Yamaguchi, President, Jyugei PLC, Specialist of Bonsai and Dr. Eijiro Fujii, Chief Professor of Landscape Management, University of Chiba, Japan, for this  special event.

The Sri Lanka Bonsai Association received a Special Bunka Award for the promotion of Japanese Culture in Sri Lanka in 2003 from the Japan Sri Lanka Friendship Cultural Fund (JSFCF).

From small beginnings 20 years ago, the members of the Sri Lanka Bonsai Association have developed the art of Bonsai in Sri Lanka to a high standard. We have also, largely through demonstrations, exhibitions, news paper articles and TV programmes, made the art of bonsai popular in the rural areas of Sri Lanka. We have achieved this level of success in the first two decades of our existence by pooling together our own resources of time, effort, skill and dedication.  We have developed a good network of people with bonsai throughout the country.
2011 - The Sri Lanka Bonsai Association
Last Updated 06 May, 2013