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 Resources on Bonsai  
What is Bonsai?:
“Bonsai” or the Art of Miniature trees is one of the most popular arts in Japan.

Although the origin of Bonsai was in China, it was only after this art was introduced to Japan thousands of years ago, it was developed as a special Art and introduced to the rest of the World.

The Japanese word “Bon” means a flat container. “Sai” means a tree. Therefore, “Bonsai” means a tree planted in a flat container.

A good Bonsai has to be artistic in design, and should have a natural shape or style. Bonsai trees bring the nature to your home garden, and developing a Bonsai on your own could be a most satisfying experience.

Unlike most of the other art forms, Bonsai is a live art. Any other creation of Art work could be completed, but in Bonsai, it keeps on changing, where it has to be maintained and looked after. Creating a Bonsai is only the starting point of a wonderful experience. Watching it grow under your care and attention, in to a beautiful specimen over the years will continue to give you immense satisfaction.
English Language Resources
•  Bonsai Guide for the Beginner (Download, PDF file, 570 kb)
•  Few Useful Hints for Bonsai Exhibitors (Download, PDF file, 83 kb)
Sinhala Language Resources
•  Bonsai Guide for the Beginners (Download, PDF file, 535 kb)

•  Few Useful Hints for Bonsai Exhibitors (Download, PDF file, 42 kb)

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